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AJHL owns and operates an extensive fleet of latest generation cranes, self-propelled modular transporters and conventional trailers including all necessary ancillary equipment to carry out our customer’s foreseeable heavy lift and transport requirements.

Our crane fleet now reached approximately 270 units comprising a very comprehensive range of crawlers and telescopic cranes up to 3,200 tonnes capacity with a total load moment in excess of 400,000 tonne-meters. Our fleet of specialised heavy lift transportation now stands at 580 axle lines of self propelled modular trailers (SPMT) and 358 axle lines of conventional modular units providing a total modular capacity of approximately 35,000 tonnes. Our resources also include skidding systems up to 600 tonnes, jacking systems up to 15,000 tonnes and electronic weighing systems up to 12,000 tonnes capacity. We are in the process of significantly expanding our above mentioned capabilities to meet our upcoming requirements.